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Who says you need to wear the same old blue collar to work each day? If you’re in a hands-on business, own your own business or work for an employer who doesn’t care what you wear so long as it’s “appropriate,” pick up some unique work apparel from California Car Cover Co. before getting back to the grind next week. Our collection of men’s work shirts is perfect for the mechanic, detailer or customizer.

Men’s Work Shirts

Our men’s apparel includes a small collection of mechanic work shirts that boast some of the best car manufacturers’ logos, including America’s favorite: Ford. Grab a few Ford logo work shirts for Monday through Thursday, then switch it up on Friday with a Hot Rod pinstripe shirt. The shirts are still meant to get down and dirty, but they come with a little more personality than the standard mechanic’s getup that you can pick up at your nearest wholesaler.

Men’s Apparel

You don’t have to be at work to make a statement with your apparel. Our collection of men’s car apparel for sale includes Rat Fink tees which, though not appropriate for the office, are perfect for a day at the dunes. A Mr. Horsepower tee is just subtle enough that you can even rock it to your daughter’s soccer game.

Head Gear

Want to match a hat to your Ford mechanic’s shirt? Shop our collection of car caps & hats for a cap that you can comfortably wear while performing a tune up or giving a detail. Many of the hats in our collection boast the Ford logo, but there are also hats for the Chevy lover, Dodge fan and Camaro enthusiast.  

Whether you want to spice up your work wardrobe, wear appropriate attire to your child’s sporting events without sacrificing your personal style or just want to express your love of all things auto, our line of men’s apparel can help you do all three. Place your order today for same day or next day shipping.  

Hawaiian, or Aloha, shirts have Polynesian roots reaching back to the 1930s. A proud symbol of rich heritage and traditionthey have long been embraced by everyone from pop culture icons and fashionistas to tourists looking to take a piece of the island’s lighthearted, carefree lifestyle back home. Representative of a tranquil, blissful attitude, they tell stories based on the varied images and patterns they display. Convey your personal tale of hot rod devotion and passion with our selection of car themed Hawaiian shirts.

Proudly Proclaim Your Enthusiasm

Artwork functions as a cornerstone when it comes to these vibrant tops. Ideal for anything from traveling to working to relaxing, they deliver easy fitments combined with lively backgrounds and striking picturesDesigned by renowned brand David Carey, our Corvette Hawaiian shirt and Fords Hawaiian shirt assortments pay homage to these beloved vehicles while honoring their fine details. Pair any of these tops with dark, solid-colored bottoms to effortlessly balance the tropical feel.

Formally licensed by Ford and General Motors, our assortment of easy-care, rayon-cotton blend button-downs is available in a range of colors and features softmoderate point collars, chest pockets and short sleeves. Choose from 1932 Ford, Tri-Five Chevrolet or Corvette C6 through C1 model print varieties complete with chic coconut buttons. Created and constructed with pride, these wearable art pieces enable you to comfortably and stylishly assert your automotive gusto while elevating your wardrobe to new and more colorful heights.

Easily Enhance Your Ensemble

Along with Hawaiian-style shirts, we also have car apparel for sale that includes a broad array of car clothing accessoriesPair your top of choice with one of our many hats, including trendy California Car Cover wool snap-backs, or boost your look by adding a snazzy belt buckle or patch. We carry a carefully curated collection that covers everything from sunglasses and sport watches to durable leather duffle bags, so start browsing now.