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Whether you are looking to decorate a man cave, personalize a garage, or to bring some flair throughout the home, Vintage Wood signs are the perfect accent piece for any room. From old car signs to vintage bar signs, these wooden signs bring a sense of nostalgia and interest that show your distinct personality and point of view. No matter if you’re shopping for yourself or another vintage lover in your life, transform any space from ordinary to outstanding with our collection of wooden signs.

Bring Vintage Home

For the true lover of all things vintage, not just any old décor will do. Every vintage lover has their own take on what vintage means, what era or style is most interesting, and what specific items call out to them. For some, it’s all about the color scheme, while others really want memorabilia that looks authentic. Signs styled after license plates and street signs are perfect for someone who loves automobiles or travel, while signs featuring the American flag allow you to show off your vintage style and your love of country. Our wide selection of vintage signs, including signs featuring classic car and garage styling, Americana, pinup art, and more, has something for everyone who wants to bring a touch of vintage to their room.

Great for Business

Wooden signs are not only perfect for use in the home, they are a great way to decorate your business. Whether you are looking for décor for a diner, a full-service garage, or an insurance office, our wooden signs bring a sense of style and whimsy to an otherwise boring workplace. Help brand your business or simply bring some interest to dull office walls with racing signs, wooden propellers, and retro-styled clocks. These wooden signs, along with our selection of metal car signs and neon signs, make any business stand out from the crowd.