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Windshield Sun Shades

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Windshield Sun Shades

Sun shades protect your car from the harmful UV rays that relentlessly pour down onto your vehicle. Some sunshades even include insulation to help keep your car or truck cool and fresh. If you live in an area where the winter weather is unfriendly, we offer snow shades that go on the outside of your car to protect it from the snow and prevent you from shoveling and scraping off the windshield of your car or truck.

Odds are, you’ve probably climbed into your car before, only to find that it’s sweltering hot. Your steering wheel is on fire, your seat burns the back of your legs, and it’s generally an unpleasant experience all-around thanks to the sun that’s been pouring UV rays into your ride all day long. Adding a simple windshield shade to your arsenal of car or truck accessories is perhaps to keep this miniature greenhouse effect at bay and keep you and your passengers as cool and comfortable as possible even in the hottest months. 

Cool off with these high-quality sun shades and other interior car accessoriesat California Car Cover. Learn more about these convenient accessories and select the one that matches your car’s interior for a flawless finish. Don’t let the glaring sun fade your car’s interior or create uncomfortable interior temperatures.

What Is the Best Windshield Sun Shade?

Look for a sun shade that provides UV protection. Quality shades should use a reflective material to prevent heat absorption inside your car. Some shades are designed more for privacy than sun protection, so be sure you select one that is reflective.

The best sun shades are custom-fit to your windshield. Vehicles come with a wide range of windshield dimensions. An improper shade may not only cause direct sunlight to enter your vehicle but may also have difficulty staying up. Invest in an affordable option that’s designed to fit your exact windshield for hassle-free use and effective sun protection.

Finally, consider a shade that is retractable or foldable. These features make it easy to remove the shade before you hit the road. Store your sun shade easily in your vehicle for use at work, the grocery store or your next road trip.

Do Windshield Shades Work?

Premium shades made out of the right material are effective at reducing the heat and UV ray exposure of your car’s interior. Choosing a low-quality material may not effectively reduce the heat and UV ray exposure, so be sure to shop at California Car Cover. Read reviews from other customers to see which shades are effective for your vehicle. Use our detailed specifications to compare materials and dimensions to choose your own favorite sun shade.

How Do You Use a Windshield Sun Shade?

A windshield sun shade is designed to prevent UV damage and intense heat while your vehicle is parked. It works by reflecting sunlight with a reflective exterior coating or material. To use a sun shade, be sure you have the correct size and fit. An improperly sized shade won’t effectively cover your windshield or protect your vehicle from direct sunlight.

Check the type of shade to determine whether it folds or rolls. Park your vehicle in the shade if possible and place the windshield sun shade over your windshield after safely parking. Remove it when you enter the car and enjoy reduced dashboard fading and interior heat. Consider pairing your windshield shade with side window shades for even greater protection and convenience for your favorite vehicle.

Layers of Protection 

The most immediately notable way in which window sunshades boost your driving experience is by keeping the interior of your ride cooler. However, by reducing the amount of UV rays that enter into your vehicle, these accessories accomplish much more. They help:

  • Keep your dash and interior vibrant and shielded from fading sun rays
  • Make cleaning ice and snow off your windshield easier in winter
  • Keep strangers from looking inside your car


When you purchase the right cover screen for sun protection, you’re investing in a more convenient driving experience for years to come. While the primary function of a sun shade is, of course, to keep out the heat during those hot days, some covers make it easier to face harsh winter conditions as well. They make scraping ice and snow off of your windshield a faster, easier task, so you can get on the road again in no time at all during those chilly months.

When you shop with us at California Car Cover, you’re always going to get the best of the best in terms of quality. Our professionals can guide you through a huge selection of windshield sun covers with tons of different colors, designs and sizes in order to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need in return for your hard-earned cash.

Windshield Sun Shades

Hot, uncomfortable days that find the sun beating down and the temperatures soaring aren't just hard on you and your family. They're tough on your car's interior as well, as you know all too well if you've ever sat down behind the wheel of a vehicle after it's been sitting in the blazing summer sun all day. The best windshield sun shade for cars and trucks can not only take the edge off that all-too-familiar brand of discomfort, but protect your car's interior from sun-related wear and tear as well.

Protect Your Car From the Inside Out

cars and trucks sun visor can make a world of difference when it comes to keeping the interior of your car cool on hot days, even when you've been left with no choice but to park in direct sunlight, but that's not all. It also keeps overly curious passers-by from peering into your car and seeing what's inside. If you live in an area where snow, ice, and frost are big issues in the winter, the right protective accessories can even take the guesswork out of how to store your car in winter and keep built-up ice to a minimum. Just attach your protective visor to the outside of your windshield instead and save yourself a lot of time and labor in the mornings. Combine sun and weather visors with additional options like custom dash covers and you'll enjoy even better overall protection.

Add Flare and Visual Appeal

Sun shades and windshield protectors are also easy ways to add a touch of style to the look of your vehicle. Choose from a wide range of surfaces, colors, and styles. Go simple and classic or add a touch of personality to the mix with a quirky pattern or fun color that expresses a little something about your personality. At Cal Car Cover, you'll find the very best cars and trucks windshield sun shade on sale for prices that will never destroy your budget. Find exactly the right fit for the make, model, and style of your vehicle. Enjoy lightning-quick shipping, gold standard customer service, and an unbeatable degree of convenience as well!

Custom Windshield Sun Shades for Your Vehicle Protection

While there might be nothing quite like feeling the sun shining down on your face, its rays aren’t quite as pleasant for your vehicle. No matter what type of car, truck or SUV you have, the heat the sun generates can quickly turn your vehicle’s cab into a sauna, as well as slowly start to do damage. A custom sun shade helps protect your vehicle and belongings and is designed to perfectly fit the interior for maximum coverage.

Sun Shade Benefits

Along with potentially keeping the interior 30 degrees cooler, a shade does a lot more. When the temp rises, it also means a hot steering, wheel, dash door panels and seats. Extended periods of heat and UV rays will eventually lead to those important elements of a vehicle fading, cracking or warping. Even if you have an older model, in this day and age, you still probably have some electronics in your vehicle. Whether it’s a GPS, audio system or other accessory, built-up heat can affect how they work and their longevity. Since a shade makes it harder to see inside the vehicle, it also can help deter would-be thieves. For people who like to display a little personality or want to ensure their vehicle always looks its best, these coverings can often be personalize and come in many styles, shapes and colors.

How Do Sun Shades Protect Your Vehicle?

A custom windshield shade does a lot, but how do they work? No matter what material, color or style you prefer, they all work in a similar way. In general, some of the light entering a vehicle is reflected out as visible light, which does not generate heat. Unfortunately, what isn’t reflected out gets absorbed into the various materials inside the vehicle, which does generate heat and stays in the cab. Sun shades reflect light, which means less is being absorbed, helping to minimize heat buildup.

How to Properly Place Sun Shade

Installing a sun shade is usually a fast and easy task, but each style is a little different. If selecting a folding one, simply open it inside the vehicle and slide it down to the bottom of the dash. Many come with a notch to go around the mirror and stay secure when the sun visors are down. For roll-up versions, they may have suction cups or similar devices to keep them attached to the glass. When you don’t want to have to worry about storing them, an accordion-style can be mounted on either side of the window. Once up, the driver can easily pull it over and get instant protection.


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