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Wheel & Tire Care

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Wheel and Tire Care

Rely on supportive, durable tires to maintain stability, ease and safety. Those round tubes may seem as if they can take care of themselves, but it's crucial to check on them and care for them regularly for improved strength and reliability. When you let them shine and keep an eye on them, it's easier to catch deterioration problems earlier. At Cal Car Cover, we specialize in stocking products that let us improve shine and sparkle.

Importance of Keeping up with Your Wheel & Tire Care

Wheels take a good beating daily. In addition to getting worn with every ride, they collect brake dust, dirt and red clay. These factors make tires and wheels susceptible to oxidation, salt corrosion and water and soap stains. As the condition worsens, it looks poor and could potentially hurt the function of the ride. Owners can use wheel restoration kits to fight this problem. Buff out stains and polish chrome or uncoated aluminum to achieve a mirror-like finish.

Vigilance also pays off in catching other concerns. While scrubbing them free of grime, assess for tears, rocks or irritants. 

How Make Your Wheels Look Brand New

A typical buffer or polisher pad is perfect for making all those flat surfaces shine. Invest in the right car wash brushes, so your spokes and hub caps will not collect a lot of unwelcome debris. Wheel woolies brushes are designed to get down to the nitty-gritty and allow you to wash all those forgotten crevices.

Search through high-quality products that create a lustrous gleam. Tire and trim cleaner spray coat well while maintaining a semi-gloss appearance. Buffer balls, detailing kits and polish work well to get rid of unsightly blemishes. 

Are you worried about sun damage creating a faded, worn look? The wheel duster and shine kits act like sunscreen to the rubber.

Don't neglect one of the most valuable and noticeable spots of your car. Those wheels and tires should shimmer. Cal Car Cover has everything you desire, turning a vital task into something convenient and simple.