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Browse our selection to find the right brush for your car washes. Whether you need a tall Telescoping Car Washstik or small auto cleaning brush, we've got a great selection of brushes sure to be just what you need. Feel free to call, chat, or email us if you have any questions or just need help choosing the perfect brush for your car. 

If you are stocking up on all your automotive care supplies, you need to make sure you have every item you will need when the time comes to clean and restore your car. That means having nozzles, hoses, pressure washers, and everything else you need to scrub things down thoroughly. It’s easy to overlook how important the right car wash brush can be to this process, but the right tools are important to any job, and there are different auto cleaning brush options for different needs.

Finding the Right Brushes for the Job

Brushes come in a few sizes and shapes, so it’s important to pick a general auto brush that fits your vehicle and your needs. Make sure that you don’t use anything that will have bristles stiff enough to scratch, and keep in mind your reach. If you have a large vehicle, or if you’re a smaller statured person, you might want to invest in brushes with great handle reach. It’s also important to invest in the brush that does the job you need. That means picking up a great contoured tire brush to make sure your detailing is thorough.

Finishing Your Exterior & Interior

After a thorough wash, your tool kit will not be complete unless you have water absorbing cloths that allow you to make sure you get the look you want after your vehicle dries. If you leave it to air dry, expect to find spots and blotches, streaks, and other imperfections. When you make sure you have the cloths that let you dry the vehicle by hand, you have the ability to make sure those imperfections never develop.

Last but not least, remember your interior. After vacuuming it out, use car interior detailing supplies to make sure you have a sharp interior that matches the work you put into your car’s exterior.