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Shop online at California Car Cover Co. for a great selection of automotive vacuums, blowers, car and motorcycle dryers and Shop Vacs. We have everything you need to keep your car, truck, SUV, RV or motorcycle looking its best as well as the amazing utility of Shop Vacs for your garage! 

No car maintenance kit is complete without a proper vacuum blower. Your interiors will thank you after a proper vacuuming using our high-powered, affordable vacuums. Need to clean around the garage and driveway? Turn your vacuum into a super-charged air blower capable of blasting away dirt, fallen leaves, and other debris. With brands such as Metro Vac and Shop Vac, you can’t go wrong. We stock both dry and wet dry vacuums and blowers, depending on your needs. You focus on cleanliness above all things, and in order to keep your car show-ready and always at peak performance, you need the cleaning supplies that make taking care of your care into a snap.

Wall-Mounted and Handheld/Portable Vacuum Blowers

For maneuverability, you can’t beat adding a handheld/portable vacuum blower to your car care kits. A portable vacuum blower lets you angle in to get even the smallest crevices clean and ready for showroom presentation. Sometimes, though, you just need a little power. For those difficult cleaning jobs, you need a wall-mounted unit that can draw heavily on as much power as it needs to blast at any dirt or debris you want to be rid of. Wall-mounted vacuums and blowers also come with larger tanks, and don’t need to be cleaned as often as portable tanks.

More Than Just Cleaning

Vacuums and blowers are more than just essentials for your car drying kits. They also provide exceptional utility as electric inflator/deflator devices. If you need to inflate everything from an air mattress to an inflatable pool, the right vacuum is there for you to pump air in at high speeds and save you hours of time versus other, slower methods. Ready to collapse your air-inflated device or furnishings? Reverse the blower’s powerful air handling to turn it into a vacuum, sucking the air from inside the object and neatly collapsing it for storage.