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Universal Ready-Fit Car Covers

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Universal Ready-Fit Car Covers

No two people are alike, some might want a quality car cover without the high quality cover price tag? These universal ready fit car covers offer great protection at a great price. While they might not have perfect measurements for your vehicle, they will still stop UV rays and other harmful elements from damaging your vehicle. Choose whether you want to go with single layer, stormweave, 3 layer multiweave, and others to find the perfect universal car cover for your needs.

When it comes to your car, sometimes you just want a fast fix rather than a perfect one. That’s exactly why thousands of drivers like yourself have reached out to California Car Cover Co. to purchase universal car covers. These covers are typically less expensive than their custom counterparts, and while their measurements may not fit your car exactly, they manage to get the job done when it comes to protecting from dirt, water and UV rays. They may be purchased in canvas, plastic or other materials, and come in a huge variety of different shapes and sizes so you can get the perfect fit for your needs.


At California Car Cover Co., we’re aware that not every driver has the same needs. That’s precisely why we focus on delivering variety to our customers while still ensuring each product is of the highest quality. If you want quick, temporary protection for a car, we have you covered with disposable, plastic outdoor car covers. On the other hand, if you need a fast but long-lasting solution, we have a number of canvas and multi-layer universal fit solutions as well. Regardless of your needs and preferences, we’re here to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.


While custom fit car covers might offer a more thorough job of keeping out dirt and dust, universal fit covers are typically more affordable and sometimes even easier to use. This makes them the ideal choice for the modern driver on a budget, and for those looking for a quick and easy way to get their car, truck or SUV protected from the elements.

Whether you’re a collector of classic muscle cars or you want to give your ride the best possible protection between trips, we can match you up with the perfect universal cover for your needs. Speak to our professionals about your needs as a driver, and we’ll help you find the right cover for your vehicle in no time.