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Truck tents allow you to stop worrying about the inconvenience of camping ground terrain and the space available in the campground. Just easily attach the Truck or SUV tent to the back of your vehicle, and have your campsite ready in mere moments. California Car Covers offers various sizes of Napier Truck Tents so you can choose the right size and fit customized specifically for your individual needs.

When it comes to outdoor living gear, California Car Covers cannot be beat. If you are the type to get up and go quickly, the pickup tent camper is for you. Never worry about finding the perfect place to set up your campsite again. Even better, you never have to stick to pre-defined campsites again. You have a truck that can handle going off-road for a reason; you should take advantage of it and the truck bed tent from Napier Truck Tents lets you make a campsite anywhere.

Napier Truck Tents

At California Car Covers, we believe in providing only the best outdoor gear and vehicle accessories. We proudly offer Napier Truck Tents because they are the best options available. The truck tent easily attaches to the back of your pickup truck, allowing you to make camp anywhere you can drive your truck or SUV. When it comes to your shelter when camping, you do not want to have a tent you cannot trust. Because a truck box tent needs to attach to your truck as well as the ground, it needs to be solid.

Custom Truck Tents

We also make a point of providing a wide range of truck tents for you to choose from. Your personal needs and desires, as well as the type of vehicle you have, means the truck tent that works for someone else might not meet your needs. From different ways of attaching to your truck to different sizes and interior space, there are tons of different options for you to choose from.

California Car Covers is dedicated to meeting all of your outdoor needs. From a portable canopy to make your campsite more comfortable to all manner of different vehicle accessories, we only provide the best products. We also make it our priority to help our customers, so contact us if you have any questions or concerns.