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Truck Bed Accessories

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Your truck is one of your most versatile and reliable possessions. From hauling large purchases to throwing incredible tailgate parties, your truck can do practically anything. Believe it or not, you can make your favorite investment even better by outfitting it with a few truck bed accessories.

Tailgate Nets

Tailgate nets are the epitome of functionality matched with aesthetic appeal. Whether your current tailgate is a little dinged up or you want to protect it from wear and tear, a tailgate net is a practical solution. Made with stainless steel mounting hardware and durable vinyl-coated polyester fabric, our tailgate nets are designed to withstand the elements while keeping your truckload securely in place.

Utility Ramps

If you’re a fan of outdoor toys like 4-wheelers, dirt bikes and side-by-sides, you need a utility ramp. Our ramps are made from industrial steel and lightweight aluminum. So, whether you’re looking for brute strength or a durable ramp that you can easily move yourself, we have exactly what you need to get your favorite outdoor toys loaded up and ready for your next adventure.

Truck Bed Extenders

Nothing is worse than discovering you don’t have enough room in your truck bed for your dirt bike or camping gear. Prevent a situation like this from ruining your weekend by purchasing a truck bed extender. Our extenders can add up to two feet to your truck’s bed so you don’t have to leave anything behind.

Truck Bed Mats & Liners

Have you ever accidentally scraped up your truck bed while hauling items? Although truck beds are designed to be durable, they are still susceptible to damage. Tailgate mats and liners can keep your truck bed looking brand new, no matter how often you use it to haul heavy items.

Check out the other items we offer to improve and protect your vehicle, including tonneau covers, truck bed dividers, and truck racks.

Truck Bed Accessories

Having a truck affords a lot of convenience and utility. You depend on your truck for work and play—for towing vehicles, helping out people in a pinch and hauling heavy loads. The bed of your truck is a handy place where you can not only store items but keep some helpful accessories. Truck bed accessories can make your life a lot easier and add to the enjoyment of every trip you take in your truck. It's helpful to know about the top 5 truck bed accessories so you can start shopping for the right items.

Tonneau Cover

If you don't currently have a cover over the bed of your truck, it's time to seriously think about looking for one at Cal Car Cover. This accessory is a smart way to protect both your belongings and your truck. The cover easily rolls up and comes in both hard and soft varieties. If you've been wondering how to properly secure your accessories, this might be the first one to start with. A cover stops your materials from flying out of your truck when you're on the road. It'll also keep them dry when the weather turns nasty. Plus, it'll help preserve the strength and appearance of your bed for years to come.


What better place is there to keep a toolbox than in the bed of your truck? This will be especially time if you need to change a tire or work on your vehicle when you're out and about. Plus, you could come to someone else's rescue. You can find toolboxes in different sizes, each made out of strong, durable materials.

Truck Bed Tent

To add a little fun and adventure, consider what a truck bed tent could do for you. Easy to set up and take down, these tents get you off the wet, dirty ground. They offer plenty of interior space for two or three people. Plus, they're made of rip- and tear-resistant material that will last in rough weather.

Cargo Net

If you're not ready for a tonneau cover but still want to secure your gear, a cargo net could be the work way to go. These and other pickup truck bed storage accessories will keep your belongings organized and from flying all over the place when you're driving.


If you regularly fill up the bed of your truck with longer items such as lumber, pipes or other oversized supplies, an extender is a must. They come in different lengths and are easy to install.

it's easy to see why you should have truck bed accessories. Shop for them now at Cal Car Cover.