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Traveling in a car can be a hassle. Let us help you find the right accessories to make your road trip as convenient as possible. Browse our great selection of heated seat cushions, massage cushions, truck and minivan tents, travel picnic tables and much more! Enjoy the sights and sounds of both the road and outdoors with great Travel & Driving accessories from your friends as California Car Cover Co.

California Car Cover offers a huge selection of vehicle accessories to make your driving experience as convenient, comfortable, and efficient as possible. We offer accessories designed to be functional which complete a task for you, and we also sell accessories which are simply made to make driving a little more comfortable. No matter what you are looking for, we guarantee you can find something to help you enjoy driving your vehicle a little more.

Achieve Greater Functionality

Some of the accessories that California Car Cover provides offer incredible functionality to help you drive more efficiently or easily. One of the most common tools we sell is a car navigation system. Get step-by-step instructions to your destination, making travelling simple. An Electronic Compass with Ice Alert not only tells you the direction you are travelling and internal and external temperature, but it also warns drivers of potentially unsafe, icy roads.

A More Comfortable Drive

Sometimes, all you really need is a good comfort item to make that road trip so much better. We offer a seat cushion pad, seat belt covers, heated seat pads, specialized hangers for keeping clothing neat, and more. We also have many different radios for sale, which are perfect for upgrading yours or installing a radio in an older vehicle for the first time.

Accessories for the Destination Too

California Car Cover features products for your car, but also for when you arrive. If you are out camping, be sure to check out our truck tents to make it that much easier to set up your camp. Our portable shelter for pets is perfect whether you are going into the woods or sticking to the roads. At California Car Cover, we do everything we can to satisfy our customers. We will work hard to resolve any issues you may face and get you exactly what you are looking for.