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Shop online at California Car Cover Co. for a great selection of heavy-duty garage trash cans - take your garage to the next level with a tight-looking, durable trash can for your manly garage! 

A humble part of the garage or any other room, trash cans are usually overlooked in interior design, seen as necessary but little more than that. However, in the workshop of a dedicated auto enthusiast, a trash can with even just a bit more functionality or style to it can be appreciated. Our inventory of trash cans includes smart design options to complement your garage as you work, be it full mechanical projects or just car interior detailing, because a tidy workspace is a better one.

Heavy-Use Design

Its a given that garage work will get messy. A lot of trash - discarded parts and packaging, empty containers of oil or cleaner, used paper towels and even bottles and cans after a break - comes out of the garage, so it makes sense to have a trash can designed with large loads in mind. Our Owens Products diamond plate trash can is hefty in construction and volume, with 16 gallons of capacity and made of durable aluminum that wont degrade - particularly useful in an environment where rust and corrosive chemicals arent uncommon, even in the stuff being thrown away. The Shop Vac stainless steel trash can is similarly hardy and also boasts even more volume - 20 gallons! - and a stable dolly base that makes carting out industrial-grade trash simple.

Work Smart - Even With Trash

A trash can does not seem like a location for new design to many folks, but our other products question this notion. Need a trash can thats easy to use even in the messiest scenarios? The Simple Human stainless swing top trash can opens effortlessly to drop trash in and features an easily removable lid for disposing contents and cleaning out the interior. Theres also the hands-free sensor trash can model from Nine Stars, which also features a bin separated into two compartments. This is useful for separating recyclables or waste to be disposed of in special ways, but also as a complement to tool storage solutions - sort out clean and dirty towels, or even keep microfiber towels in a separate compartment.