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Your trailer has been behind you since the very beginning of your journey. Make sure it’s taken care of with a quality trailer cover keeping it protected and prolonging its life span. Taking care of the trailer that’s always had your back is not only good karma, but it will likely add more years to your journey together. To add icing on the cake, most of our top quality brands like PolyPro and PermaPRO offer free shipping upon purchase! Feel free to call, chat, or email us if you have any questions or just need help choosing the perfect travel trailer cover for your needs. 

Road trips are as American as apple pie, S’mores and baseball. Being able to hit the open road to get away from it all is a dream that many of us share. Protect your travel trailer or 5th wheel with trailer covers or 5th wheel trailer covers for the months when you put your rig in storage.

Why You Need an RV Cover

Your RV is an investment, both monetarily and in regard to the enjoyment you get out of it. UV rays, bird droppings, acid rain and many other things harm your RV in the long run. Your trailer, and its roof in particular, is exposed to the elements 24/7. The silicone sealant of your rubber or fiberglass roof can get dry over time, allowing water to pass through and causing extensive damage. UV-rays make the plastic of skylights, air conditioning units and vents brittle and eventually they crack. The interior of your RV, such as upholstery and leather, can fade if exposed to UV-rays for a prolonged period of time. A custom-fit trailer cover ensures that your RV stays healthy, clean and looks like it did on the day it came out of the factory for a very long time, helping it hold its value.

Premium RV Covers

As much as you would love to continuously hit the road, there comes a time when your trailer needs to be stored. Don’t just throw a tarp over it as these can be abrasive, don’t protect your whole RV and aren’t breathable, allowing mold and mildew to grow. Travel trailer covers protect your trailer from dirt, dust, UV-rays, and much more. The Classic Accessories covers we sell don’t only protect your trailer from the elements. With an integrated air vent system, they ensure that your trailer stays moisture-free. These premium covers are custom-fit with their adjustable rear and front tension panels and elasticized hem corners. They even allow you to access to your RV by simply unzipping the panels.

Our high-quality RV covers provide superior protection for your RV. Be sure to also check out our truck bed accessories and mud guards & flaps for ultimate safety and protection.