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It is important to have the right tools at all times when working on your vehicle. There is nothing quite as frustrating as dismantling your ride to discover you forgot something. One of the first things you should invest in is quality jacks.

Transmission Work

Your transmission is an important component of a running vehicle. When it breaks down, it is a big expense. Proper maintenance and a little bit of TLC keeps your tranny in working order much longer. You should change your automatic transmission oil every 15,000 miles and check your fluid regularly. A change in fluid levels tips you off to problems early. Always stop completely before shift gears and avoid riding your brakes.

If you start experiencing transmission problems and plan on working on your vehicle yourself, you will need a good floor transmission jack. Don’t skimp on this tool. A chassis floor jack is always good to have around, too. These are much more mobile jacks.

Engine Work

If you plan on doing any serious engine work, a heavy-duty rolling engine joist is invaluable. It allows you to lift the engine entirely out of the engine compartment to do repairs or replace a block. If you are looking to start a small engine repair shop, you definitely need hoists and jacks for every occasion.

Small Engine Repair Shop

When outfitting your garage, make sure you have everything from the basics like digital tire gauge to the extravagant like car exterior accessories. When working with customers, you want to over deliver and provide them with all the car related services they need. By having the right tools on hand, you are ready for any job that comes your way. Don’t make your customers wait because you lack the necessary supplies to get the job done right. If you have accessories on hand, you have the potential to offer additional services when customers come in for maintenance issues.