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A Tonneau cover, is a hard or soft truck bed cover designed for utility trucks and pick up trucks. So why do you need a Tonneau Cover? These custom fit Tonneau covers offer protection from the numerous elements of mother nature like rain, hail, sleet, snow, wind, leaves and sun. These truck bed covers also provide much needed security for the contents you hide in the bed of your truck. Additionally, a Tonneau cover may also improve your MPG (Miles Per Gallon) due to the reduction in drag. Finally, or most importantly depending on the individual, a good Tonneau cover will make your truck look great and standout from the crowd. Browse our huge selection of custom fit Tonneau Covers to not only improve the functionality, but to also improve the look of your truck!

Every truck owner should have a tonneau cover. The two main reasons people add these covers to their trucks is for increased safety and weather protection. Our heavy-duty hard folding tonneau covers are perfect for protecting your cargo from anything and anyone.

Why Your Truck Needs a Tonneau Cover

Pickup truck bed covers are great for keeping tools and anything valuable from getting stolen. You got a truck so you can haul stuff around. But don’t you just hate when people can sneak a peek at what’s in your truck bed? Then you definitely need a cover. Those items in your bed also need to be protected from nature’s elements. This is especially true if you live in cold climates where it rains and snows a lot. Your cargo could get waterlogged really quick just from driving around. What if you were told that you could improve your fuel economy by 5-10% with a cover? Without cover, the air that passes over your cab flows into your empty truck bed and creates drag. An enclosed truck bed on the other hand means lower air-resistance.

Get Your Truck a Premium Tonneau Cover

We carry truck bed covers from BAKFlip, the leading manufacturer of innovative tonneau covers. The BAKFlip G2 is the best-selling cover worldwide. Made out of sturdy aluminium panels it can handle any climate and the ability to lock and load make it perfect for hauling large items. The absence of hinges makes the BAKFlip VP the ideal candidate for anyone who prefers a flush and classy look. It installs easily without drilling and can be removed within seconds. If you don’t ever want to have to remove your cover, then the BAKFlip MX4 can be the cover for you. It’s capable of distributing 400lbs over the top and its flat black finish and resilient EPDM outer rails make it perfect for harsh climates. We also carry the BakFlip F1 which offers fiberglass reinforced polymer, UV-resistance and protection for your cargo from severe conditions.

We only sell the best tonneau covers and truck accessories. Be sure to also check out our mud guards & flaps for ultimate protection.