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Tire Storage Racks

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Working on your car or trucks tires is a frequent task if youre an auto enthusiast that prefers to take your vehicles care into your own hands. A well-organized workspace is vital, and this is doubly so when you come to count on spare tires being available. Set up a garage tire rack in your shop to give yourself just that extra space you need. Dont forget storage on the truck or trailer for when youre outside the garage, too, because flat tires dont always wait for your convenience.

Mass Storage for All Sizes

If you keep a large inventory of spare tires on hand for quick replacement, a folding tire storage rack provides a valuable option for efficient organization. These racks are wall-mounted in your garage or on your trailer and can be adjusted inward or outward for a range of common tire diameters, holding them securely without rubbing up against the wall. When not in use, the rack folds up neatly and can be locked into place. Many car and truck owners are alright with having just a couple spare tires at most and can find the space for them, but for the car nut that wants to be fully prepared beforehand, this rack does the trick.

Secure Spares on the Road

Outside of the garage, proper storage is still valuable. A tire holder carrier makes for convenient access to the spare in your garage or trailer. Whether its a simple floor-mounted model that holds the tire snugly to keep it from rolling around, or a wall-mounted spin-on holder that you can thread a tire onto, these ensure the spare is on hand and reduces the risk of damaging it, especially if coupled with one of our spare tire covers. The secure mount is useful for doing routine checkups on spares to check their quality before an attempted swap; keep your tire gauges and hoses within reach, too.