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Steering Wheel Covers

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Steering wheel covers quickly give your interior a stylish upgrade while also bringing much needed durability. Steering wheel covers also bring more control while you drive. Steering wheels can become worn while these covers offer premier grip and traction. Steering wheel covers also limit the inconvenience and danger of driving with hot steering wheels just after your car has been baking in the sun. Similarly with freezing steering wheels in cold weather. Take care of your car just as it has taken care of you, browse through our various types of steering wheel covers from sheepskin and bling to genuine leather and more!

When you want to customize your vehicle by adding a car steering wheel cover, turn to California Car Cover Co. to offer you the best selection. Whether you want to try our Wheelskin, Seat Armour, or Sheepskin covers, we provide you with custom steering wheel covers to protect your wheel.

Seat Armour Covers

If you want to protect your steering wheel from the sun’s damaging UV rays, make it a habit to cover up with our Seat Armour Covers. Made of 100% cotton, these cool steering wheel covers each feature a licensed car-themed logo. These have a universal fit up to 18” in diameter, so there is no need to worry if they will fit standard-sized steering wheels.

Sheepskin Covers

If you want to keep your steering wheel from being too cold or too hot to grip, use our plush sheepskin covers. Available in black, pearl, and steel, these covers have a great texture and allow you to grip the wheel securely no matter what temperature it is.

Protect the Steering Wheel

Regardless of which type of cover you prefer, each one offers a layer of protected for this important interior part of your vehicle. At California Car Cover Co., we know that you like to customize your car with items that fit your personality, so we offer a great selection of steering wheel covers that you can customize to fit your needs. Our covers are made with high-quality materials to ensure that you get the most for your money.