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Any vehicle owner that spends a lot of time on DIY projects knows the value of accessibility when in the workshop. You spend a lot of time trying to reach over or under to spaces just outside arms length, and doing so unaided can be uncomfortable at best and a risk of long-term harm at worst. With our stock of seats, creepers and ladders, youll find accessories that can provide the edge to make maintenance easier on yourself.

Over and Under

One of the first things a DIY mechanic learns to appreciate is often a solid, reliable aluminum step ladder. Lightweight material and construction is vital for when you need to move the step ladder around, on top of easily taking it out of or putting it into storage. Use that extra boost to reach the top shelf of your supplies or get a better look at the top of your vehicles exterior.

For work down below, such as when working with the suspension or wheels, it helps to have a low profile creeper to clear the undercarriage and roll both in and out with little trouble. An adjustable creeper seat provides a smart option by combining the low-clearance function with a conventional garage seat design, folding and locking to convert from one to the other.

Keep Everything Within Reach

Work smarter, not harder by ensuring that you can bring your tools and supplies with you into those hard-to-reach spaces. A low profile detail seat fitted with organizing cups and trays keeps cleaning jars and spare tools next to you during undercarriage work, saving you the effort of trips back to the workbench or tool rack. On the other side, car dollies can make moving the vehicle itself easier to provide better access if you have multiple vehicles in the shop. Its also a good opportunity to sit back in that comfy car seat furniture while you work.