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Car Seat covers are not only designed to protect your vehicles seats from wear and tear, but they also provide added comfort for your commute. The many styles and types of car seat covers can make it overwhelming to find the right seat cover you need for your car, truck or van. Here are a couple of key facts to help you choose the perfect custom seat cover addition for your car, truck or van. Sheepskin seat covers are soft and plush, some are said to even relieve pressure points in the back, neck,and legs. The lush wool also acts as a natural insulator, drawing perspiration away from the driver & passengers skin into the fibers. Custom Leather car, truck and van seat covers offer a way to get a high quality interior look without the price of high quality interior. Neosupreme seat covers are a way to unlock a sporty look for your car while also keeping a firm grip on your wallet.  

Custom-Fit Car & Truck Seat Covers

Increase commuting comfort while protecting your seats from wear, tear and the elements with our car seat covers. Our top-quality products allow you to enhance the look and feel of your car, Jeep, van, SUV or truck without breaking the bank. We offer a broad range of materials, colors, patterns and types to suit your unique needs and style preferences. Consult seat cover reviews that come straight from our consumers for added perspective. Should you need assistance, our team of customer service experts is standing by to provide recommendations, advice and support.

Carbon Fiber

Our trendsetting, effortlessly installed carbon fiber coverings are available in six attractive hues that deliver powerful flame retardant, antibacterial, antifungal and mildew-, UV- and stain-resistant defense. Custom tailoring and precision cutting help to ensure a flawless fit that morphs your interior from commonplace to high-end.


Fashion meets high function with neoprene. Made of distinct material similar to a wetsuit, these products deliver formidable protection and supreme style. Soft yet tough, they feature an ultra-soft foam lining at key contact areas, strengthened seams and UV treated, fade-resistant function without rumpling, sagging, cracking or withering. As with all of our products, these are tailored to the year, make and model of your vehicle, and come in a variety of tints.


Uphold factory integrity with luxury velour. Ideal for SUVs, trucks and Jeeps, these foam-backed, 100 percent polyester covers provide durable, breathable and fade-resistant performance. Easy to install and maintain, they also come with a two-year warranty.

Further Selections

Our options don’t end here. We carry many more high-quality possibilities made out of real or faux sheepskin or leather, cotton, neosupreme, suede, tweed and more in a variety of shades and prints. Looking for a pet friendly choice? A machine washable, stain- and water-resistant coverall custom fit seat cover makes travelling with pets a breeze. Shop with us today to find your perfect fit.

Custom Seat Covers

If you're like most people, you spend a lot of time in your car. You rely on it to commute back and forth to work, to run errands, to get the kids back and forth to school, and to get your entire family from place to place on the weekends, so it makes sense that you'd also want it to be as comfortable as possible for both you and your passengers. The best custom seat covers for cars and trucks made from the best car cover material can help make that happen.

Ride in Absolute Comfort

The right cars and trucks seat covers can make even seats that are already very comfortable even more so, especially during lengthy commutes and long days on the road. Plush, cushion-like materials like sheepskin or faux wool can relieve persistent strain on pressure points like your back and neck, helping to stop the discomfort associated with multiple consecutive hours spent behind the wheel. Sleek options in materials like leather can deliver a quick, affordable upgrade to the look and feel of your interior. There are even options like carbon fiber that can help regulate the temperature of your seats, as well as discourage odors and stains.

Upgrade the Look of Your Interior

Options like custom floor mats and liners or new custom seat covers are quick, affordable ways to breathe new life into the way your car's interior looks as well. Shop a wide variety of different materials from luxurious velour, to ultra-durable neoprene, to quirky rattan. Select your favorite from among a full range of colors, patterns, and styles. Then place a custom order for a one of a kind piece that's guaranteed to fit your car's interior like a glove.

At Cal Car Cover, you'll always enjoy fast, convenient access to the best cars and trucks custom seat covers on sale available anywhere and for prices that fit seamlessly into your budget-conscious lifestyle. You'll enjoy top-tier customer service and fast shipping on seat covers, mats, and more as well. Get ready to experience the difference today when you count on Cal Car Cover to take your ride's interior to the next level.

Custom Seat Cover Materials

Raise your level of expectations. Seating options aren't limited, and they can make your ride enjoyable and satisfying. At California Car Cover, we realize the value of these modifications, so we offer a vast line of car seat covers, allowing customers to explore a range of products. From sheepskin to velour, we have something to elevate your truck or van. Check out our carbon fiber, neoprene and wool options. Each offers unique perks amplifying your vehicle.

Benefits of Custom Seat Covers

On long treks, support and well-being are important. Backs shouldn't hurt simply because you're traveling or running errands. Cruise down the highway focusing on the road, not spinal discomfort. Upgrading truck seat covers can make a difference, providing relief from stiffness and soreness. Massage seating, heat therapy and heavy padding are all possible options that could alleviate issues.

Maintaining a meticulous appearance is vital as well. Outdoor expeditions mean moisture and mud, two things that can quickly harm seats. Canvas-like overlays establish a barrier, keeping water out while also protecting against the sun's rays. In addition, going places with pets and kids is a battle. Snacks are everywhere. Drinks spill. Fur is simply clinging to everything. You can't leave them behind, but you can create safeguards, minimizing frustrations. Get cushions that make cleanups easier. Pet pads, for example, are thick and quilted, making them especially hardy. While soft on the exterior, they have a tough construction. They're waterproof, and simple to sanitize. Rinse off with the hose, and allow to dry. Your beloved animals may journey in style, but you won't suffer from it.

How to Choose the Right Seat Cover Style

Begin by searching through the numerous high-quality options available. As you read product descriptions, note things that not only stand out, but that could benefit your lifestyle. Drivers have unique needs. Parents with young kids may desperately look for stain-fighting material. Those that spend time outdoors desire something durable and washable. The beauty of custom design is that there is something to fit you. Note the material and color. Then, with the details in mind, think about which selection best enhances the vehicle and improves your lifestyle. Think simple, sleek and ease. Of course, if you still have questions, contact our customer service line. Our specialists are happy to assist in the decision, offering their expertise.

Peruse now. Settling for blemished, faded seating shouldn't be tolerable. Whether your outdoors or living a crazy life with a two-year old, a solution is out there, improving your car's look and value.


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California Car Cover Black Friday and Cyber Weekend Specials

California Car Cover Black Friday and Cyber Weekend Specials

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