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Zymol Rouge Red Wax 8oz. Jar ZYM112

Zymol Rouge Red Wax 8oz. Jar ZYM112

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Brand: Zymol

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Zymol Rouge red car wax contains the very same pigment dyes used in your original paint. Zymol wax will renew your paint, is suggested for professional use and includes an eight ounce wax, applicator, and latex application gloves.

Zymol Rouge Wax has been developed to assist in the colour correction of non-metallic red painted vehicles. Contains 38% Carnauba by volume (90% white, 10% yellow by volume). Zymol waxes are actually "zymes" that turn into wax when exposed to air during application on your paint surface.


ZYMOL ROUGE WAX: Contains white and yellow carnauba, 38% by volume (90% white, 10% yellow), Montan Oil, Coconut Oil, Apricot Kernal Oil, Propolis( derived from bees), Cetly esters, Cetyl cocoamide (Derived from coconut oil), and proprietary natural colorants.

All waxes measure 8oz and include wax applicator.

Important: You must use Zymol HD-Cleanse to remove old wax, tar and stains before applying any Zymol Waxes or Glazes; otherwise they will not bond to the paint surface.

Directions for use: 1. Wash and dry using clear auto bathe.

2. HD-Cleanse surface to ensure 100% wax bonding.

3. Using the included gloves and wax applicator, apply a small amount of wax onto a 2’x2’ surface in an even coat with side-to-side motions.

4. Let stand for about 3 minutes.

5. Using a zymol towel or microwipe, slowly wipe the wax in the opposite direction with light pressure to ensure a uniform coverage, wait 20-30 seconds.

6. Turn your towel and with no pressure, dust the surface briskly to set and crystallise the carnauba to a deep shine.

7. Let cure for 30-45 minutes.

Note: zymol wax is designed to provide maximum results with minimum product application. Apply small amounts of zymol wax for each application. Caution: do no allow any zymol wax to dry before wiping.