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Zymol Micro Wipe Towel

Zymol Micro Wipe Towel

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A high-tech answer to final wax buffing. The Zymol ultra lightweight Microwipe microfiber towel is made from a special material that repels wax, forcing all of it to bond during application and eliminates over-buffing, which can be a source of scratching the paint surface. Measures: 16" x 16"

The Zymol Microwipe is the 21st Century alternative to final buffing with a cotton towel. The ultra lightweight, "rubber" (nylon+nytril) quad axial woven material repels wax, forcing all of your Zymol Wax or Glaze to bond during application. Additionally, the Zymol Microwipe allows you let Zymol stand longer (up to 5 minutes) before buffing to a brilliant deep shine. The Zymol Microwipe eliminates over-buffing which can be a significant source of scratching.

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Directions for Use:

1. Always use a clean folded Microwipe.

2. Apply medium pressure. Do not use circular motions.

3. Best results are achieved by folding your Microwipe again, and with medium pressure, wipe slowly.

Care Note: Wash your Microwipes in warm (not hot) water with a mild laundry soap. Rinse thoroughly in warm water. Air dry (not outside) or place in dryer (no dryer sheets) at very low heat. Never use bleach, chlorine soaps or fabric softeners.

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