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Zymol Leather Cleaner 8 oz.

Zymol Leather Cleaner 8 oz.

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Brand: Zymol

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New Zymol Leather cleaner is specially formulated to remove oils and common soils that can rob fine leather upholstery of its beauty. Also helps restore that original fresh leather fragrance.

With active ingredients that are biodegradable. Zymol leather cleaner is gentle enough for regular use. Enriched with glycerine and Aloe Vera, this PH balanced formula will safely clean both car interiors as well as fine household leather goods.

Eight Ounce Spray.


Directions for Use:

1. Remove loose dirt from leather upholstery.

2. Spray Leather cleaner onto a soft terry cloth, or directly onto leather.

3. Spread evenly over the entire surface. Avoid excessive application of cleaner on seams and stitching.

4. Wipe gently with a very slightly damp cloth.

5. For heavily soiled areas, additional application may be necessary.

6. For ultimate leather treatment, follow with use of zymol leather cleaner.

Please Note:

1. Not intended for use on suede

2. Test on a small inconspicuous location before use.


Contains spun castile soaps, Glycerin, Cetyl Cocoamide (derived from coconut oil), Citric Delimonine, lemon extract, Pure Apricot Kernel extract.