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Zymol Ital Glaze 8 oz

Zymol Ital Glaze 8 oz

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Brand: Zymol

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Zymol Ital Glaze is specifically formulated for the soft finish of Italian cars to protect, enhance and provide complete waxing needs. Developed in cooperation with Ferrari North America, Ferrari Italy and Pininfarina, Zymol Ital offers a clarity and depth of color to enhance the original paintwork. Suitable for all paint types and colours. Ital Glaze contains 47% Brazilian No. 1 Yellow and White Carnauba by volume (90% Yellow, 10% White)

Contains Montan Oil, Banana Oil, Yellow and White Carnauba Wax (47% by volume), Propolis (derived from Bees), Glycerl Stearate (derived from Glycerin), Cetyl Esters, Cetyl Cocoamide (derived from coconut oil) and FD&C Yellow #5.

1. Put a very small amount of the glaze to the palm of your hand. Use the warmth of your hands to melt the Carnauba. With your hand, gently apply the glaze in a light, even pattern over no more than three or four-square feet of painted surface.

2. Let Ital stand for 30 to 60 seconds.

3. Using moderate to heavy pressure, wipe very slowly with a Micro-Wipe™ (folded once) to a brilliant luster before wax is totally dry

4. Wait three to four hours, then lightly buff the paint again to perfect the shine.