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Zymol Field Glaze Detail Spray Wax

Zymol Field Glaze Detail Spray Wax

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Zymol Field Glaze was developed for those times when your car needs a quick complete waxing, a touch-up between regular waxing or a simple way to remove fingerprints and road debris. Field Glaze is the perfect last minute show preparation product for light cleaning and extra brilliance. This Carnauba Sap rich formula gently removes surface dust, hand prints and other light residue from well maintained finishes and regular use of Field Glaze imparts a brilliant protective layer. From daily driver to show car, Zymol Field Glaze is quick and easy to use and provides brilliant "just-waxed" results without alcohol or silicone. Zymol Field Glaze contains 21% Carnauba Sap.

Zymol Field Glaze Directions:
Shake Field Glaze well. Spray evenly onto cool, clean or lightly soiled surface. Let stand for 5 to 10 seconds, then gently wipe clean with a Zymol Towel

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Important: Keep in a cool, dark place.

Directions for Use: 1. Shake the spray bottle vigorously.

2. Spray a light mist of Field Glaze over a three or four square feet area and let it stand for 30 seconds.

3. Applying minimal pressure, wipe with a folded zymol Microwipe using straight strokes that follow the bodylines of the car.

4. Fold the Microwipe and wipe the surface slowly again.

5. For spot-cleaning a vehicle, spray Field Glaze directly onto a folded zymol Towel, then wipe over the smudges or fingerprints until the surface is clean.

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