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XPEL Tracwrap Temporary Paint Protection Film

XPEL Tracwrap Temporary Paint Protection Film

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With XPEL’s TRACWRAP temporary paint protection film, you get a professional-quality barrier from rock chips, road debris, and bug splatter in an affordable, easy-to-install package.

Whether you’re protecting a vintage race car during a track weekend or just taking a road trip, TRACWRAP offers elite protection that goes on in less than 45 minutes from a convenient, easy-to-carry roll. TRACWRAP comes in a variety of sizes to suit virtually any application—from a classic Ferrari to a Jeep tow vehicle to a vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycle—and it costs less than you’d spend repairing a single ding from a rock chip at your favorite body shop.

TRACWRAP is made from tough 8mil (0.008”) urethane film—a substantial barrier that offers far more protection than masking tape or messy-to-apply spray-on products. XPEL’s air-channel adhesive lets anyone install TRACWRAP with no special tools or chemicals, and do it in real-world conditions in a parking lot, track paddock, or garage. The days of ruining a vehicle’s classic lines with clumps of blue painter’s tape—or, worst of all, going without any protection at all—are over.

And when you’re finished with it, TRACWRAP peels easily off in less than five minutes with no hassle, no mess, and no sticky residue. No temporary wrap offers TRACWRAP’s level of protection and ease of use, and it comes from the most trusted name in protective paint film—XPEL.



XPEL TRACWRAP is made from a tough 8mil (0.008”) thick urethane film that creates a substantial barrier from rocks, road debris, bug guts, and other outside elements. Because of this, TRACWRAP offers far more protection than masking tape or messy-to-apply spray-on alternatives.

Ease Of Install

Thanks to its unique air-channel adhesive layer, TRACWRAP can be installed by anyone without the use of specialty tools, chemicals, or a slip solution. Apply it anywhere - you can put TRACWRAP on in a parking lot, track paddock, or garage in no time at all.

Ease Of Removal

Just like it lays down, XPEL TRACWRAP is a breeze to remove. By utilizing a low tack adhesive, TRACWRAP can be taken off easily in one large strip without leaving a sticky surface behind. Cleaning up after a drive has never been easier.