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Wolo Truck Horn - Tiger Tank & Compressor

Wolo Truck Horn - Tiger Tank & Compressor



Brand: Wolo

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The Wolo Truck Horn, Tiger Tank and Compressor is an easy to use, two piece air supply system consisting of a steel air storage tank, compressor (air pump), 1/4" air hose, fittings, and hardware. The system has a built-in pressure switch to maintain 110 psi air pressure in the storage tank. All moving parts of the compressor are manufactured to strict standards. The compressor's motor is carefully balanced and then mounted on heavy rubber bushings, virtually eliminating all vibration. Air hose fittings are made of quality brass to insure leak free installation. Comes complete with all necessary hardware and hose fittings.

* Tank size: L 9" x W 5" x H 5-3/4"
* Tank capacity: 2-1/2 liters
* Fitting size: 1/4" air hose
* Compressor size: L 6-1/8" x 3-12" x H 5-1/8"
* Voltage: 12 volts
* Current: 7.5 amperes
* 1.38 CFM
* Compressor auto-on: 85 psi - off 110psi
* Filler hose length: 20ft., coiled with fittings


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