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Intro-Tech Ultimate Reflector Custom Folding Car Sun Shade

Intro-Tech Ultimate Reflector Custom Folding Car Sun Shade

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Brand: Intro-Tech Automotive

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This ultimate reflector custom folding autoshade does double-duty by reflecting the boiling heat in the summer and attracting the warm rays in the winter. It's reversible! Custom-patterned for your vehicle's year, make and model to provide the ultimate coverage, the shade has six layers of durability and is a reflective Mylar to ward off summer sun on one side and an absorbent graphite felt on the reverse designed to pull in the warmth of the sun in the winter. Sandwiched in between are an air-cushion barrier, dual fiber layers and 1/4" thermal foam board. Use it all season, every season to prevent sun damage and take the edge off of extreme temperatures. Folds and stows easily in the included bag and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Over 2,300 custom patterns available to provide ultimate protection for your car, truck, SUV, minivan or van.