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ACME Diecast Thunderboat Hydroplane Model Replica

ACME Diecast Thunderboat Hydroplane Model Replica

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Brand: ACME Diecast

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The Jaguar XK120 ruled the road; Doris Day and Cary Grant were Oscar nominated. Thunderboats (also called Hydroplanes) racing with each other at record speed. Stateside, the luxurious Chris Crafts were de rigueur with Hollywood elite. Master craftsmen spend hundreds of hours hand-crafting these highly detailed wooden models. Each is built to scale with high-quality mahogany using the plank on frame construction method that’s similar to the building of actual ships. That throaty growl of that big engine built inside gleaming mahogany, rich leather, chrome trim and leather padded seats. The curves, the looks, the excitement, the opulence! Wooden display stand included. Measures 31.5L x 11.75”W x 9”H.