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The Original GoldenRod™ Dehumidifier

The Original GoldenRod™ Dehumidifier

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Brand: GoldenRod

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The Original Golden Rod Dehumidifier permanently eliminates dampness, mildew, condensation and humidity. GoldenRod will protect your pride & joy for pennies a day. 36" size for autos, 18" size for motorcycles. GoldenRod heats to a surface temperature of less than 150 degrees F and circulates warm, dry air throughout an enclosure on a 24 hour basis. This increases the temperature of the air inside your storage area to several degrees above the ambient outside temperature. Expansion of the heated air forces the moist air outside through the vents or loose fitting doors leaving the dry air inside. GoldenRod Dehumidifier delivers the most power of any dehumidifier on the market. Made in the USA by a family owned and operated business since 1974. Your GoldenRod Dehumidifier is backed by an easy hassle free lifetime warranty.

GoldenRod Dehumidifier Features:
* For pennies a day, GoldenRod Dehumidifiers safely eliminate the dampness and humidity that lead to mildew, condensation, rust, & corrosion...forever
* GoldenRod protects your possessions from mildew, mold and rust
* Has no moving parts and installs in minutes
* Protection ranges from 100 cubic feet to 500 cubic feet
* Hassle Free Lifetime Warranty
* Made in the USA

Installation Instructions:

Installation is simple. Attach the universal bracket using the stainless screws supplied with the unit and snap the GoldenRod® in place into the bracket. GoldenRod® must be mounted horizontally at the bottom of an enclosure to work effectively. It can be mounted as a freestanding application or brackets may be attached to a vertical wall. GoldenRod® MUST always be mounted horizontally in order to work correctly.