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The Original California Mini Duster Plastic Handle 62447-8B

The Original California Mini Duster Plastic Handle 62447-8B



Brand: California Car Duster Co.

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The Original California Mini Duster® 62447-8B was born after the amazing success of our original sized California Car Duster and requests for such a duster for home uses flooded in. Mini blinds, shutters, wood, appliances, and other household surfaces are quickly and easily cleaned with the special paraffin wax-treated cotton strands that lift dust off easily. The dust is collected in the mini duster strands instead of flying around in a cloud, like ordinary dusters. The Original California Mini Duster is great for car interiors, car dashboards, motorcycles, hard to reach places, and anywhere in the garage or shop. Handle and mop measure 12" long. California Dashboard Duster head measures 7" x 5".



The Original California Car Duster Cleaning Instructions:

Actually the California Car Duster can go years without washing and in most cases works just as well as the first day. It is best to simply shake the duster out after use and on occasion blow the mop out with air. From most customer experience their dusters have lasted in the range of 15 years.

If you do feel the need to wash your California Car Duster, here are the steps:
1.Wash the duster by hand, leaving the mop on the handle.
2.Clean the duster in cool water mixed with a small amount of a mild detergent (i.e. Woolite)
3.Rinse clean with fresh, cool water.
4.Let the duster air dry (this may take a couple of days)