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The Garage Bodyguard Car Side Protector Pad BG1819

The Garage Bodyguard Car Side Protector Pad BG1819

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The Garage Bodyguard Hanging Car Side Protector Pad BG1819

Three fan foldable panels comprised of 1/4" thick ultra-high density foam between an outer layer of durable rip stop polyester and an inner layer of soft, brushed polyester provide a protective barrier between your car and potential harm while in storage. The Bodyguard is kept in place by either the sewn-in magnetic strip or a high-quality, surgical grade vinyl suction cup and drawstring design. Installation is quick and simple with these multiple mounting options and can be transferred immediately from vehicle to vehicle within your garage. Measures 18 1/2" W x 18 3/4" H x 3/8" thick.

  • Protects your car doors from scratches and dings
  • Can be used in the garage or outside
  • Hangs with a magnetic strip or soft vinyl suction cup
  • Quick and simple ding protection
  • 3/8" thick soft pad
  • Folds for easy storage and on-the-go ding protection

Keeping your car safe from dents and scratches is important. You likely already have protection in place for your bumper and fender, but your doors are particularly vulnerable and should not be overlooked. Every time you open your door, you risk hitting an object you did not see. One clumsy move could put a serious dent in your vehicle. Whether you have a classic auto or a beautiful sports car, this kind of damage can be both expensive and stressful. A car side door protector prevents such mishaps and keeps your doors safe from any impact. With designs that can be applied magnetically, protection is convenient, too.

Keep Doors Guarded From Harm

Magnetic car door guards are perfect for auto owners who want to protect every single part of their car against damage. Most models feature soft magnets that are encased in foam or silicone to ensure that the guard itself is applied safely and easily to the surface of your car door. Many also come with security features, such as cables, that are tamper-resistant and prevent theft. In addition, the ultimate benefit of a car side protector comes in its ability to absorb impact and keep the body of your auto unaffected. Magnetic car door protection strips are ideal for temporary protection against potential dents and scratches.

Customizable Door Coverage

How do you choose the right magnetic car door protectors? Protectors that come in a panel construction are designed to hug the body of any car. This means you can transfer them easily from one auto to another with no problem. To install the protector, you can either use the magnetic strip that is sewn into its panels or secure and hang it from your window with the heavy duty suction cup which holds the cover. These protectors are suitable for nearly any car and any purpose that involves shielding your door from damage.