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California Car Duster Versaduster™ 63240

California Car Duster Versaduster™ 63240

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Brand: California Car Duster Co.

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The California Versaduster™ offers 3 important functions in one, using detachable pads.

  • Treated Duster that has cotton strands with baked-on wax that literally “lifts” dust like a magnet.
  • Microfiber Duster that traps dust and dirt, and works on a wide variety of textures.
  • Microfiber Glass Cloths with a unique weave designed specifically for cleaning glass surfaces without chemicals.

Need a little extra reach for those tight spaces? Simply pull the handle up, rotate it 180, and snap it back into’s as easy as 1-2-3. The California Versaduster is great for cleaning dashboards, windshields, household glass & mirrors, and more.

Complete kit includes:

  • VersaDuster with removable/reversible handle
  • 1-Wax treated duster pad
  • 1-MicroFiber loop string duster pad
  • 2-MicroFiber glass cloth bonnets.

Length of handle & duster head is 12-1/2". Duster heads measure 8" x 5".