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The California PopTop Ultimate Sunshade

The California PopTop Ultimate Sunshade

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Brand: California PopTop

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SEMA Show Award Winner!

    The California PopTop was selected as a recipient on the international New Product Award from among 2200 new products introduced at the SEMA Show 2006

Protect your interior and prevent it from feeling like an oven. The California Pop Top™ sun shade covers all the windows and blocks 99.8% of the sun’s UV rays, for maximum sun protection. Installs and removes in less that a minute, and includes an anti-theft security feature. Made from a super strong, lightweight material made by DuPont that is water resistant and breathable. Includes built-in storage bag for clean and easy storage, compact enough to easily stow under the seat or in the trunk. Can be used on convertibles with the top up or down. Available for most cars. If your vehicle is not listed, please call our Sales staff at 800.423.5525.

California Pop Top Features:
* Protect your investment when parked at work, at home, the mall, the airport, anywhere under the sun
* Keeps interior near same temperature as the outside air even if your vehicle has been baking in the sun all day
* Covers all windows
* Install or remove in less than a minute
* Virtually eliminates solar heat build-up
* Anti-theft feature
* Super strong, lightweight material
* Blocks 99.8% of the sun's UV rays
* Resists water penetration yet breathable
* Built-in pocket for clean and easy storage
* Extremely small (football size) storage package
* Weighs about a pound; less bulk than a full car cover
* No conflict with fender mounted antennas
* Protects contents from prying eyes
* Prevents heat damage to CD's, DVD's & Casettes
* Doesn't hide the vehicle's beauty and style
* Conforms to the vehicle's shape, providing a near custom-fit
* 2 year warranty

The California Pop Top™ is ergonomically designed, so it's easily installed or removed in less than a minute by a single person. Please review the Installation, Removal and Tips procedures to enhance your experience.

1. The first time you install The California PopTop™ it will take a little extra time to adjust the cords of the cover to your vehicle, as it fits a variety of vehicle shapes and sizes.
2. Once installed, tie a knot in the cords as noted in the Tips Section under, Dealing with the Wind, and prepare the Anti-Theft Feature.
3. On some sedan vehicles where the top of the trunk is higher than the side windows, it will be normal for a small portion of the side window toward the rear of the vehicle to be exposed. This is a result of the vehicle's design and not your installation.
4. Due to the inherent properties of DuPont's Tyvek, the material may feel slightly stiff when first used. Be assured that the material will develop a soft, silk-like texture within a week of use (similar to what you experience with a new pair of blue jeans).

Storage Bag
The California PopTop™ has a very small storage package. The storage bag is attached to the underside of the windshield cover flap on the driver's side (like a shirt pocket) and is turned inside out over the material when in use, so the outside of the storage bag always remains clean even when your vehicle isn't.

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DuPont's Tyvek® material is a non-woven fabric. It has no fibers to trap dirt, so you can hose it off or hand rinse. If using a washing machine, use a gentle cycle with a 1/4 cup detergent. Secure cords with a rubber band so they don't get tangled in the washer. Do not use bleach or a DRYER as it may damage the cover! Air dry only. Hang the cover up to let dry.