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The Bone Mechanic's Creeper #6031

The Bone Mechanic's Creeper #6031

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Brand: Dale Adams Enterprises

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The original Bone™ creeper solved many of the major problems with creeper design, the largest of which was a need for larger wheels that would roll over obstacles rather than pushing them away. The Bone Creeper custom designed 5 1/8” casters will climb drop light cords, air lines and even roll over cracks and grates with ease – no other creeper can do this!

* 300 pound weight capacity
* 5-1/8” diameter wheels with oil-impregnated center bearings and specially formulated molded-in-place 1” wide tires that roll easy
* Weight 18 pounds
* Made in the USA Features:

* Rolls over drop light cords, cracks, grates, etc.
* Made in the USA
* 5 1/8” diameter 1” wide wheels
* Custom designed wheels with soft, grippy TPE tires
* 130 lb. rating per wheel
* 1 3/4” ground clearance, one of the lowest creepers on the market
* Four 5/16” bolts fasten plate – won’t break
* Winged design adds style to function

* High strength polypropylene copolymer
* Extremely comfortable
* 300 lb. capacity
* Impervious to most solvents
* Dirt wipes right off!
* Won’t tip, flip, or pinch

* Weight - 18 lbs.
* Dimensions 47” Long x 25 1/2” Wide x 6 1/4” High
* Warranty – limited lifetime on the wheels, 1 year on the body, excludes being hit or run over. Warranties apply against manufacturer defects.

Bone™ Product Description

An American made product to ease the woes of mechanics worldwide. Originally called the "Captain Creeper" when it was invented in 1974, its unique shape led it to be renamed as "The Bone™" when it went on sale to the public in 1996. Since then it has become a standard for quality in the creeper industry, and is widely asked for by name. Most importantly, however, is the fact that all of our creepers are American made, in a world where so many formerly American products have had their production moved overseas.

The Bone™ features a uniquely shaped body which cradles the user between the wheels only an inch or so above the ground. The big, easy rolling wheels are positioned outboard to provide a strong, stable working platform that can’t tip or flip the user. The rib-reinforced body is molded of a state-of-the-art, engineering grade co-polymer that resists the effects of common solvents, so cleaning is quick and easy at the end of the job. The smooth, comfortable one-piece design has no cracks, corners or other pinch points, and the outboard wheel pods prevent tipping and flipping. The Bone™ body is a patented design which allows the use of large diameter wheels with specially formulated tires that roll easily over all sorts of obstacles, including rough floors, drop cords and air lines, loose parts and even tools and floor grates. The wheels are fastened to the creeper body with four 5/16” dia. thru-bolts so they can’t pull tear out or break off in any common use situation.

One of the most important features of the Bone™ is its wheels. Ordinary creeper wheels are a conventional creeper’s weakest point. They’re too small, so they get hung up or stopped by even the tiniest obstacles, and they have a real knack for tearing out or breaking off at the worst moment. To add insult to injury, the replacement wheels can cost almost as much as a new creeper.

The Bone™ has custom-molded, 5-1/8” diameter wheels with oil-impregnated center bearings and specially formulated, molded-in-place 1” wide tires that roll even easier and last even longer than the previous design. The heavy American made cad-plated steel caster frames have dual race ball bearing swivels and are thru-bolted to the creeper body. In addition, the winged design adds form to function. Best of all, the wheels are guaranteed for the life of the creeper (against manufacturer defects)!

The Bone™ is not strictly limited to the automotive market. Recently, the Industrial market has picked it up for use on machine maintenance, and they can even be found at amusement parks for inspecting roller coasters!

The Bone™ is 47” long, 25-1/2” wide, has about 1-3/4” ground clearance and weighs 18 lbs. The wheels have a limited warranty for the life of the creeper (against manufacturer defects), and the body carries a limited one-year warranty. The Bone™ is available now from major auto, industrial and truck tool & equipment dealers, as well as leading tool catalog outlets.