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Texaco Gravity Feed Visible Gas Pump Gumball Machine Replica

Texaco Gravity Feed Visible Gas Pump Gumball Machine Replica

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Texaco Gravity Feed Visible Gas Pump Gumball Machine Replica

Fill ’er up! with the Mini, Junior, or Large Texaco gas pump gumball machine. Illuminated globe assembly sits on top, with nearly 1,000 one inch gumballs stored below. Powder-coated steel handle with hand-carved wooden grip. Authentic rubber hose with cast aluminum nozzle. Top of the line “Beaver” brand coin mechanism, which will pump up your profits before you know it! Steel, locking cash box will keep them safe too!

Before the common use of electric powered gas pumps, simple gravity helped to fill your tank. Fuel lled the clear cylinder by manually pumping the side handle. Once filled, gravity fed the fuel from the cylinder to your tank! Original pumps stood as high as 15′! We’ve shrunk ours down to 7’6″ to fit in the common 8′ ceiling. High-gloss gelcoat finish is complimented with decorative hose, nozzle, steel pump handle with hand-carved wooden grip. Illuminated globe assembly with decal for the pump base.

110 Volt. UL Listed. Made in the U.S.A.


Large Dimensions: 7’6” H x 1’9” D
Large Weight: Approximately 50 lbs.

Mini Dimensions: 4’2” H x 1’4” D
Mini Weight: Approximately 45 lbs.

Junior Dimensions: 5’4” H x 1’4” D
Junior Weight: Approximately 55 lbs.


Roadside Relics began with a vision to recreate the world’s most recognized and sought after icons from the first half of the 20th century. In time, the line has expanded to include neon tire clocks, classic gas pumps and vintage soda coolers. Product development begins with extensive historical research, then searching through antique stores and auctions to find the right original piece. From that the design team painstakingly works over the details to create accurate models which will ensure authenticity of every Roadside Relics item. Once tooling is completed and accessories have been sourced, they're ready to make fiberglass parts. First, a hi-gloss gel coat is sprayed into the mold, backed with fiberglass cloth and resin. These materials bond to form a replicated part. Prior to assembly, each part goes through a thorough inspection for any finish imperfections. Next, each part is hand polished and buffed. Only then will parts be delivered to the assembly department. In the assembly department, skilled craftsmen professionally assemble each product. Items are available in a rainbow of colors and themes, so they rely on instructions from you, the customer, to build a truly unique piece. Before final packaging, each item is reviewed and inspected to ensure the highest standard of quality and satisfaction. Only then will the item be securely packaged for shipment to your home, office, or business. Today, Roadside Relics is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of replica memorabilia. The success is a result of superior quality and first rate customer service.


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