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Super-Cushy Body Pad 18" x 40" x 1" EE12510D

Super-Cushy Body Pad 18" x 40" x 1" EE12510D

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Brand: Earth Edge

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Super-Cushy Body Pad For Kneeling or Laying On 18" x 40" x 1" Part# EE12510D

This Heavy-duty NBR rubber foam mat puts a superior barrier between your back and any hard surface, whether you are working under the car, working under the sink, or tackling projects where there is limited space. The extremely soft and cushy 1” thick mat is washable, resists industrial chemicals, grease and oil, and the built-in handles make it easy to use and store. Measures 18” x 40” x 1”. Made in the USA.  

Multiple Uses:

  • Laying on the ground while working on or under a car
  • Kneeling on when gardening or any other household chore
  • Kneeling on when detailing your vehicle
  • Sitting pad in the park or for hard stadium chairs/seats