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Cotton Canvas Storage Tire Covers - Set of 4

Cotton Canvas Storage Tire Covers - Set of 4

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Preserve and protect wheels and tires with our exclusive California Tire Covers. Damaging UV rays and harsh weather elements can shorten the life of your tires and harm the finish on your vehicle’s wheels. The tire covers are designed to protect your vehicle’s wheels and tires year round, but the tire covers are easy enough to install for daily use. Simply slide on the tire storage cover and a spring steel ring keeps the cover safely and securely attached. California Tire Covers are a small investment that can protect expensive wheels and tires from prolonged exposure to the elements. The cotton canvas tire covers protect your wheels and tires from UV rays and dust. Our tire covers are an easy way to prolong the life of the tires on your classic car, truck, SUV or RV. Not sure which size tire covers you need? Measure from the top of the tire to the ground to calculate the height of the tire. Select the tire cover set that most closely matches the tire size. Tire covers are sold in sets of 4. Made in the USA.

Small: up to 27" Diameter of wheel and tire

Medium: up to 31" Diameter of wheel and tire

Large: up to 34" Diameter of wheel and tire

X-Large: up to 42" Diameter of wheel and tire 

  • High quality & made in the USA
  • Come as a set of 4 tire covers
  • Protects tires from sun, rain and harsh weather
  • Keeps your wheels & tires clean
  • Protects your wheels from neighborhood animals and droppings
  • Extends tire life
  • Easy to place on the tire
  • Sewn-in steel ring keeps the cover securely on the tire
  • Easy to clean
  • Multiple sizes available for cars, trucks, trailers and RV's
  • 1 year warranty


Cotton Canvas Storage Tire Covers - Set of 4

Protection for your vehicle comes in many forms, though many vehicle owners fail to put enough attention on protecting the tires. While tires may seem rugged and durable, when left exposed to damaging weather elements or left sitting in storage, you won’t get as much use from them as you once thought. The extensive selection of tire covers from California Car Covers has just what you need to invest in the longevity and functionality of your tires, and the website provides an easy to use tire cover buying guide.

What are Tire Covers?

There are several types of tire covers, ranging from hard plastic cases to softer materials like cotton. Covers are often crafted from water-repellent material and withstand onslaughts of snow, sleet or rain. While these may damage tires over time, the primary concern is the consistent beating spare tires take from the UV rays of the sun. Tires that aren’t rotating and avoiding sun exposure have a higher risk of drying up and becoming more brittle. Whether a spare tire or the set mounted to your RV, cracks and dry rot are imminent if you don’t use tire protection.

5 Instant Benefits When Using Tire Covers

There are five prime benefits that come from installing tire covers.

  1. Tire covers provide instant protection from damaging ultraviolet rays and harsh weather elements. Exposure to these over the lifespan of a tire can be very damaging.
  2. You can use tire covers for storage support, whether spare tires on the back of the vehicle or stored in a garage.
  3. Security is another benefit of a tire cover. Spare tires can be easy targets for theft of opportunity, but a cover with a cable lock can be an instant deterrent.
  4. Tire covers add value to your vehicle through the customized fitting and style selected.
  5. Dirt and grime can build up on tires that are left unprotected, and tire covers provide the perfect defense against these damaging particles.

Are Tire Covers for Indoor or Outdoor Use?

Tire covers come in a variety of materials, making them appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. The key consideration when choosing which cover to purchase is the environment where the vehicle or tires will be stored. Indoor storage needs can be filled through a cotton cover, as they are lightweight and still effective at preventing weather damage.

The variety of sizes and materials at California Car Covers service a wide range of vehicles, motorhomes, trailers and more. Find your perfect fit at affordable prices.



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