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Storage Tire Covers - Black Vinyl

Storage Tire Covers - Black Vinyl


$49.99 - $59.99

Brand: California Car Cover Co.

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Preserve and protect wheels and tires with our exclusive California Tire Covers. Damaging UV rays and harsh weather elements can shorten the life of your tires and harm the finish on your vehicle’s wheels. The tire covers are designed to protect your vehicle’s wheels and tires year round, but the tire covers are easy enough to install for daily use. Simply slide on the tire storage cover and a spring steel ring keeps the cover safely and securely attached. California Tire Covers are a small investment that can protect expensive wheels and tires from prolonged exposure to the elements. The vinyl covers protect from UV rays and dust, and are water resistant. The vinyl tire covers have a flannel backing which is soft against your vehicle’s wheels and tires. Our tire covers are an easy way to prolong the life of the tires on your classic car, truck, SUV or RV. Not sure which size tire covers you need? Measure from the top of the tire to the ground to calculate the height of the tire. Select the tire cover set that most closely matches the tire size. Tire covers are sold in sets of 4.
Small: up to 27" Diameter of wheel and tire
Medium: up to 31" Diameter of wheel and tire
Large: up to 34" Diameter of wheel and tire
X-Large: up to 42" Diameter of wheel and tire
1 Year Warranty