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STEALTH Car Show Display Stands

STEALTH Car Show Display Stands

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$149.99 - $169.99

Brand: J-Mac Industries

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Grab their attention! Share your show vehicle's information and photos with this stand, available in either single or dual display options. The satin black finish and rubber-coated, floor-protecting base are quickly and easily assembled for a non-obstructed, clean look. Steel construction makes this versatile stand a dependable and durable option that won't be knocked over by wind or spectators. Can be used at any corner of the vehicle. Fit with swivel to angle most effectively. Use with any size poster board or album, and move from front to side without moving the base or your vehicle. Select single model for poster board or dual model for poster board and photo album.

Both models measure 33" – 40" front, 17.5" – 29" side in length.
Single model measures 16" – 22" height with no swivel, 18.5" – 26.5" with swivel.
Dual model measures 36" – 39" height.