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Buddy Bowl Spill-proof Portable Pet Water Bowl

Buddy Bowl Spill-proof Portable Pet Water Bowl

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Brand: Buddy Bowl

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The Buddy Bowl provides a spill-proof/splash-proof way for our favorite pet to enjoy a fresh drink, while at home or on the go. The Buddy Bowl’s unique design keeps water in the in bottom of the bowl, and holds its water even when upside down! No more wasted water! The Buddy Bowl is used by dogs and cats, and made from food grade safe non-toxic/BPA free plastic. Measures 4”h x 8”d and holds 64-ounces of water. Made in the USA.


  • Spill-proof/splash-proof
  • Holds water upside down
  • Non-toxic/BPA free
  • Water stays cleaner
  • Deters insets and birds
  • Great for travel and home
  • Holds 64oz

 Great for Small, Medium, Large Dogs & Full-grown Cats.

Non-Toxic/BPA Free

Food Grade Safe

1.  Before Disassembly OR Assembly:  Make sure bowl is above 65F/19C.  You may run warm water over the plastic bowl to make the plastic more flexible.

2.  To Open Lid:  Place on firm, level surface.  Put your fist in bowl with downward pressure and with the other hand, pull up on the tab and peel open.  (If needed, run one hand around the entire rim and pull up to loosen.)

3.  For Funnel:  Grip fingers on top edge.  Stretch thumb toward bottom of funnel.  Pull upward. (If needed, use blunt table knife and carefully wedge in lip of bowl and release suction of funnel in the rim.)

4.  To Clean:  Wash with warm sudsy water.  (Vinegar also works.)  Rinse well.

5.  To Reassemble: 

A.   Place bottom of bowl on firm level surface. 

B.  Next, snap in funnel. 

C.  Last, place the lid evenly on top and press down on the top walking hands around lid to snap in place.  (You may use a small swipe of vegetable oil around the lip of the lid to make it easier to snap in place the first few times.)


6.  **Slowly fill bowl with fresh, clean water.  Water will equalize in bowl and funnel.  Use fill line as a guide, which is approximately half way down in funnel.  (Over filling could result in minimal spillage.)

(Remember:  Pets drink with their tongues, NOT their noses.)