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ACME Diecast Sopwith Camel Airplane Replica

ACME Diecast Sopwith Camel Airplane Replica

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Brand: ACME Diecast

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Introduced by the Sopwith Aviation Company in 1917 the Camel is an iconic aircraft taking a rightful place in aviation history. Measuring over 3-feet this will certainly be the centerpiece to any collection! Hand-crafted by expert craftsmen using a combination of high-quality materials, this wonderful piece is faithful down to the smallest detail. Built by the thousands during the Great War, in many colors and configurations.  The ACME Diecast model fits large spaces as well as large personalities (of which there is no shortage in this world!). Pair it with propellers, old maps, a pilots desk. Measures 40.2”L x 59.1”W x 17.9”H