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Solution Finish Black Plastic & Vinyl Restorer 1 Ounce Bottle SF-B1

Solution Finish Black Plastic & Vinyl Restorer 1 Ounce Bottle SF-B1

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Solution Finish Black Plastic & Vinyl Restorer 1 Ounce Bottle Part# SF-B1

Solution Finish is extremely easy to use. You apply it with a microfiber sponge and then buff off all the excess surface oil with a microfiber towel. But here’s where things go wrong: preparation. It’s extremely important for the plastic to be completely dry. It should also be wiped down with 70-90% alcohol to dissolve any silicone-based products that may still be on it and to flush out the microscopic pores of the plastic. Too many people try and get fancy with the degreasers and decontaminate's, etc. to prep the plastic. Unfortunately, all those products leave a film/particles on the surface that prevents Solution Finish from absorbing. Finally, remember that more is not better! Use small amounts at a time, then completely remove the excess.

  • Instantly restores black surfaces – Ideal for bumpers, trim, mud flaps, wiper blades, and more.
  • Glossy, protective finish – Formula uses advanced polymer technology for a long-lasting finish.
  • Formulated for professionals – Silicone-free solution that uses natural oils and is VOC compliant
  • Non-greasy – Dries quickly to restore black surfaces to a deep, rich black without a wet look.
  • Use as intended – Wipe off immediately, don’t use on painted/glass surfaces.
  • Rated #1 best black trim restorer!

Most plastic and vinyl trim restoring products on the market are made from oils and silicone that damage your trim over time. Solution Finish products are made of a silicone-free solution that uses natural oils, is VOC compliant, and won't damage your trim!