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Seat Armour Solid Plain Cotton Towel Car Seat Covers

Seat Armour Solid Plain Cotton Towel Car Seat Covers

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Cotton Towel Car Seat Covers will allow you to live hard, play hard and don't mess up your car seats! The patented Car Seat Towel is designed to fit seats in any vehicle, and features an elasticized opening that easily slips over the headrest. Easy ON/OFF design makes it ideal for use after working out at the gym, for pet owners or after a day at the beach. Made of high-quality 100% cotton terry/velour that is soft to the touch, and machine washable. Each Towel Seat Cover is available in BLACK, GREY or TAN to protect your car while improving the appearance.

Width at top: 27" Width at bottom: 28-1/2" Height: 56"

  • Easy on/easy off
  • Made of soft 100% cotton with a hemmed border
  • Available in 3 colors - black, tan or grey
  • Has a headrest opening with elastic for easy & secure fit
  • Machine washable
  • Easy & affordable way to keep your car seats clean
  • Guards against sweat, dirt, grease, sand, pet hair and more

As a car enthusiast, you likely care a lot about the look and presentation of your auto. You want it to be aesthetically pleasing, and you want to preserve its condition. If you focus only on your car's exterior, though, you are missing a major component of its appearance—the interior. You track dirt, grime, and sweat into your car every time you drive. The inside of your auto is nearly as important as the outside, and car seat towels are a great way to protect its condition and look from the wear and tear you subject it to daily.

Ride in Comfort and Style

The upholstery of your car is invaluable. Whether it is made of leather or fabric, it is likely one of the more difficult part of your auto to repair or replace, which means you should take great care to protect it from damage. Terry cloth seat covers do just that by placing a protecting barrier between your upholstery and the rest of your car. If you go to the gym and drive home drenched in sweat, you need not worry about staining your seats. Towel seat covers can be applied, removed, and washed easily to keep your car's upholstery fresh.

Protect Your Upholstery

What other benefits does a towel car seat cover offer? Pet owners will rejoice at the protection a cover provides against shed fur that can cover an entire car. Functionality is not the only appeal a car seat towel boasts, though. With black, tan, and gray options available, you can find a style that matches the rest of your car and maintains a consistent aesthetic. Enjoy the softness of touchable velour, too, constructed from durable high-quality cotton. Your interior deserves the same babying as your exterior, so don't let it get worn out too soon. Shield upholstery against damage with towel covers.

Seat Armour Solid Plain Cotton Towel Car Seat Covers

There are many ways to protect your vehicle. Often, certain areas go overlooked by motorists in regard to providing proper protection. Investing in a cotton towel seat cover, for example, is a sensible way to keep the interior parts of your car safe. When you’re someone who enjoys taking your vehicle out for off-road excursions or day trips to the beach, a cotton cover shields  your interior from dirt and sand. At California Car Cover, we offer an extensive selection of car seat cover on sale to help keep your car upholstery protected while you live life to the fullest.

Protects Upholstery 

Whether your interior upholstery is made of leather or fabric, damage caused to your seats is not easy to fix. Certain damage or spills can cause lasting stains or put serious wear on the integrity of the materials. If you are the type of person who takes pride in your investments, something like damaged upholstery sours how you feel about your vehicle. Put your fears to rest and find the best cotton seat cover to shield your seats. The selection of custom seat covers we offer makes it easy to discover an option that fits your needs perfectly.

Comfort and Security

There are many different reasons to think about investing in seat covers for your vehicle. Many motorists find that adding the right covers to their car seats improves the overall comfort of driving. When you’re on a long road trip and not planning on making many stops, having a comfortable place to sit makes all the difference. Additionally, covers help with winter car storage. As the temperature drops and you drive your vehicle less, these covers shield against the ravages of time.

There are many ways to go about finding the best cotton seat cover for your vehicle. Consider your exact make and model and look at the specs surrounding your seat sizes. When you have this information, it is a lot easier to find seat covers that will comfortably fit the specifications of your car. Give yourself a moment to explore our vast inventory of options at California Car Cover. With a bit of research, you are going to be able to get back on the road for your next big adventure.