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Snow Joe Snow Pusher & Ice Chopper

Snow Joe Snow Pusher & Ice Chopper

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Brand: SnowJoe

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Bring it on weatherman! Snow Joe’s® 2-in 1 snow pusher and ice chopper combines a 24-inch poly blade pusher with a 5-inch steel ice chopper, so you can blast through snow and ice with one versatile tool. No more spending time lugging out a heavy shovel and ice chopper. This ultimate winter tool does it both! It’s easy to go from shovel to ice chopper by simply sliding out the ice chopper head from the shovel base, no tools required at all. The Snow Joe has a 24-inch x 11-inch poly scoop and D-Grip handle to easily handle all snow types. Ergonomic and lightweight, the Snow Joe Edge makes tough winter chores easy. This model also includes a steel wear strip for extended scoop life. Measures 55” in length and weighs 3.7lbs. Backed by a 2 year warranty. Features:

  • 24-inch snow shovel/pusher
  • 5-inch steel ice chopper
  • Aluminum wear strip
  • Coated steel tube
  • Polypropylene, cold resistant scoop
  • Cushioned foam grip for comfort
  • Measures 55-inch in length
  • Weights 3.70-pounds
  • D-shape grip