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Showcase by CarCapsule

Showcase by CarCapsule


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Brand: CarCapsule

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The CarCapsule indoor ShowCase is the first touchless car cover on the market. It has patented self-supporting air chambers and a continuous filtered air flow system that completely protects your vehicle from dings, dirt, dust, corrosion, mildew, musty odors, rust, and even fingerprints. Heavy-duty PVC support chambers and durable 10-mil. PVC windows provide an exceptionally strong and attractive structure, with 100% nylon zippers for easy use and built to withstand wear and tear. The self-supporting frame of the CarCapsule ShowCase allows for convenient drive-in, drive-out access. Measures 18’(L) x 9’3”(W) x 7’2”(H).

Before Setting-Up Your CarCapsule or ShowCase

  • While you can set-up on dirt or gravel, be sure there are no sharp rocks that could wear through the floor over time
  • Make sure there are no holes in the set-up surface with edges that could wear through the floor
  • Some owners concerned with coarse surfaces put an additional tarp on the ground for added protection
  • With Indoor models placed in structures with a slanted floor – some owners prefer to first put down plywood to make the parking surface more level
  • If the set-up surface has really large or coarse gravel we suggest a placing a plank underneath the zipper where the tires track. This avoids grinding the zipper into the gravel, thereby avoiding subsequent damage to the zipper.

Maintenance Tips

  • Clean the Evaporative Storage Technology fan filters every few months (and more frequently in dusty environments) with dawn dishwashing soap. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry.
  • Use a car duster to dust the top and sides off.
  • Wash with mild soapy water. Car wash works well.
  • With Outdoor models brush snow off the top after 4 or so inches have accumulated
  • Also with Outdoor models be sure accumulated snow, leaves, etc. do not block fans
  • Periodically check fans and power adapters to ensure proper operation

With proper attention to set-up procedure and maintenance your capsule will protect your vehicle for a long while.