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Tork Shop Towel Dispenser and Towels

Tork Shop Towel Dispenser and Towels

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There won't be any trouble keeping it clean with this top holder wall-mounting wiper dispenser. The red and black plastic unit is easy to install and detach, looks professional and is designed with hygiene in mind. Dollars will be saved as only one folded towel is dispensed at a time, and it's ideal for the shop, garage or even food areas. Load it with our extremely durable, super-absorbent towels comprised of cellulose & synthetic fibers that withstand liquids for a quicker clean-up with less solvent and fewer wipers. These towels stay soft, wet or dry, and are great for wiping soiled hands but are also designed to tackle tough clean-up, get after grease and grime on tools or parts, eliminate brake dust and road debris on your vehicle, and even clean windows and mirrors without leaving behind lint or streaks. Dispenser measures 16.8" W x 15.5" H x 8.1" D. 1 pack of 120-count premium wipers, each measuring 15" x 16.5". Towels sold separate from dispenser for easy reordering.