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V8 Engine Model Kit 1:4 Scale HM12US

V8 Engine Model Kit 1:4 Scale HM12US

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Brand: Perisphere & Trylon

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* V8 Engine Model Kit Shows You How it Works

Step-by-step diagrams will guide the builder through the process of constructing a simplified, working version of a real dual overhead cam V8 automobile engine from over 250 easy-to-assemble parts. Through the process, the user will gain comprehension as to how a full-size 4-stroke combustion engine works. A fun, instructional piece, this model has clear casing for view of the working parts and features a working electric motor, light-up spark plugs, ignition sounds and automatic shut-off. Endorsed by Haynes, whose auto and repair manuals are widely consulted and respected in the field. Includes all tools necessary to complete the build. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Appropriate for ages 13+.