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SeatRack Car Interior Cargo Rack SRA-1

SeatRack Car Interior Cargo Rack SRA-1

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Brand: SeatRack

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Buckle down all kinds of gear on the inside of your vehicle using the SeatRack® Car Interior Cargo Rack. This innovative system is uncomplicated and stable, allowing you to carry various sizes of sporting equipment (think everything from surfboards to fishing poles) or items you need for work (from ladders to lumber). SeatRack works with most vehicles equipped with removable headrests, and installation and removal are done in 60 seconds or less. Objects up to 50lbs. can be carried without harming the interior of your car. SeatRack comes with two cargo bars and four mounting posts, two straps, two protective covers, a post adapter set, and a heavy-duty zippered storage bag. Each bar is 13" wide and they weigh a total of just 5 pounds.


Each kit includes:

  • 2 Cargo Bars
  • 4 Posts
  • 2 Protective Covers
  • 2 Straps (54")
  • 1 Post Adapter Set
  • 1 Heavy Duty Zippered Storage Bag
  • 1 Installation and Use Instructions



1 Year from date of purchase.