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Seat Designs Hawaiian Print NeoSupreme Custom Fit Seat Covers

Seat Designs Hawaiian Print NeoSupreme Custom Fit Seat Covers

Brand: Seat Designs

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Seat Designs Hawaiian Print Design Custom Fit Car, Truck, SUV and Van Seat Covers

Enjoy the feel of the tropics right inside your own vehicle. The Seat Designs Hawaiian themed Neo Supreme printed fabric is and advanced water resistant material available in 4 vibrant colors. The durable quilted foam backing and CAD-CAM precision patterns will provide a custom "tropi-cool" look to vurtually any seat of seats.


  • Protect your Seats from Kids, Pets, & Spills
  • Cover Faded or Worn Seats
  • Superior Quality Fabrics for a Premium Fit & Feel
  • Durable Foam Insulation On All Fabrics
  • Precision Patterns for Cars, Trucks, Vans, & SUV’s
  • Easy Installation-- Patented installation tool included.
  • Headrest and Armrest included when available.
  • Made in the USA.
  • 2 Year Warranty.

The entire line of Seat Designs® Custom car and truck seat covers are made only from the highest quality, durable and color-fast fabrics and materials available. All Custom car seat cover patterns and components are precision-cut with state-of-the-art computerized CAD-CAM machinery to ensure a neat and custom fit. What’s more, all details are then hand-finished by our highly skilled craftspeople. We are confident that Seat Designs seat covers will meet or exceed your expectations and truly compliment the interior of your vehicle. Get your set of Seat Designs® custom fit seat covers today and keep your vehicle protected.

About Dash Designs, Inc./Seat Designs

Since 1983, Dash Designs/Seat Designs in Tempe, Arizona, has been a leading manufacturer of Custom Fabric Auto Accessories. Their brand products are: Dash Designs® Custom Dashboard Covers and Seat Designs™ Custom Seat Covers. These innovative interior products are quality crafted for virtually all Cars, Trucks, SUV's, Vans and RV's.

Their 33,000 square foot facility employs a highly skilled staff of sewing operators and technicians utilizing the latest CAD-CAM manufacturing processes. Precision patterns and hand crafting are coupled with the finest sun and heat resistant fabrics, providing a superior fit and finish to all of our fine products.


Q: What is the difference between a bucket and a bench seat?

A vehicle has bucket seats when there are two separate seats in the row with a stationary storage compartment or space between the two seats. A seat is considered a bench seat when there are three places to sit on the seat. A bench may be one solid seat or it may be split into sections.

Q: Do Seat Designs™ Seat covers come with headrest and/or armrest covers?

Headrest and Armrest covers will be included if they apply to the seat style. Console covers will be sold separately if they are available. For information on the difference between a Armrest and Console see below.

Q: If I have 3 head rests in a row of seats do I have to pay extra for the 3rd head rest cover?

Head rest cover prices are based on per row of seats. Even if you have more than 2 head rests per row of seats, the extra head rest cover will still be included in the price.

Q: Do Seat Designs™ Seat covers come with a warranty?

Yes, all seat covers come with a 2 year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Cigarette burns, food or drink stains and normal wear and tear are not covered by the warranty.

Q: What is the difference between an armrest and a console?

Armrests can be located in the center of the seat or the sides of the seats. An armrest has no enclosed storage space. However, it is still considered to be an armrest if it has built-in cup holders or an open storage area. Consoles are in the center of bench seats and have enclosed storage with a latching lid. Both armrests and consoles can be flipped up from their recessed position to provide for an extra seat.

Q: Will the center console on my bench seat be covered?

No it will not. A separate console cover will have to be ordered. However the center seat cushion underneath the console (in the down position) will be covered.

Q: I have adjustable headrests. Will I have to remove them?

Whether or not it is necessary to remove your headrest depends on your seat. Most late model vehicles come with easily removable headrests. Remove your headrests and replace after your seat covers are installed. Our seat cover instructions give tips for headrest removal.

Some older models have headrests that are difficult to remove. In these cases, the seat cover will have an elastic opening that you can slip over the headrest through without removing the headrest.

Q: I have knobs, levers, and/or seat control switches on my seat. Are these cut out?

Openings for these items are generally not cut out on our seat covers. Most switches or devices will be covered by the seat covers but will still be usable. In some cases the device can be removed and reattached after installing the seat covers.

Q: What if my seats do not look exactly like the picture?

Seats depicted are general representations of OEM, (Original Equipment Manufacturers) seats and not intended to be exact drawings.

Q: Can I install the seat covers myself?

In most cases: Yes. All Seat Designs™ seat covers come with elastic straps and ‘S’ hooks that connect to the bottom of the seat. In most cases straps from one side can connect to straps from the opposite side. If you have power seats, it is best to raise the seat as high as possible to connect the straps. Make sure you do not connect any of the straps to any movable parts as they may impair the functionality of the mechanism. If there’s not enough clearance to pull the straps under the seat, our patented Pull Tool is provided to help feed the straps and hooks under the seats. If you can not install your seat covers, please see if your retailer can assist you.