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RUPES BigFoot™ Random Orbital Polisher LHR21ES

RUPES BigFoot™ Random Orbital Polisher LHR21ES

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Brand: Rupes

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If you're looking for the best in random orbital polishers, look no further. The Italian-made RUPES BigFoot random orbital polisher covers more surface area than traditional polishers so it takes less time to abolish swirls, scratches and water spots. 7" pads affix to a 6" hook and loop backing plate to tackle large body panels with ease without leaving behind swirl marks or holograms. A brilliant finish is achieved with minimal effort thanks to this machine equipped with an acceleration ramp for careful distribution of compound and electronic feedback control for constant speed. Powered by an energy-efficient 500 watt motor and 21 millimeter stroke, BigFoot removes up to 1500 grit sanding marks. Features a variable speed dial and trigger lock. 10' power cord.