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Rock Tamers Adjustable Mud Flaps

Rock Tamers Adjustable Mud Flaps

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Brand: Rock Tamers

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Rock Tamers Adjustable Mud Flaps

The Rock Tamers® MudFlap System is an easy on and off way to protect whatever you are towing from hazardous rocks, mud, debris & road tar. UV Protected forged aluminum hubs & arms, stainless sleeved steel rods and stainless steel, zinc-nickel & chrome plated hardware. Works with 2” and 2-1/2” receivers, with adjustable width & height to fit most vehicles.

Adjustable Rock Tamers Mud Flaps: Overview

  • Adjustable width (67.25’’ – 96.75’’);
  • Support rods are made of steel and have a stainless steel sleeve;
  • Support rods are anodized to withstand corrosion;
  • Center hub and arms are made of aluminum that will not corrode or rust;
  • Mounting hardware is made of stainless steel;
  • Mud flaps can be cut to better fit your vehicle application;
  • Trim plates are stainless steel;
  • Back of mud flaps features anti-splash pattern;
  • Rubber mud flaps are 24’’ x 24’’ and are molded with a layer of tear-resistant fabric.


Why You Need Heavy-Duty Mud Flaps

These two pictures clearly explain, what happens between your truck and towable when you move.There appears air whirl, and road debris and particles get between the truck and towable. When the rear end of the vehicle is not protected, the particles damage the paint and may cause dents and dings, which further leads to rust and corrosion.


On the other hand, when the rear wheels rotate, road rocks and debris get stuck in the wheel tread. Influenced by centrifugal force, they can get out the wheel tread and cause damages to the towable. Cost of such repairs can be quite high, especially when it comes to rust and corrosion, caused by dents and chips. Quite often such repairs include welding, cutting, shaving, trimming, prep and paint job.

These two aspects clearly explain, why it is better to install a set of quality heavy-duty hitch-mounted mud flaps and forget about all the hassle and potential problems that may occur unexpectedly. Hitch mounted mud flap systems by Rock Tamers are easily removable, and installation is quick enough. What it means to you, you can install your mud flaps when you plan on towing something and remove them when you do not need extra protection for your truck’s rear end. If you select heavy-duty mud flaps by Rock Tamers, you will be covered for a long time, as almost any part of the mud flap system can be replaced when it’s worn out or damaged.


Rock Tamers Mud Flap System: Features

  1. Works with 2’’ or 2-1/2" standard hitch receivers;
  2. Hub length: 67-¼’’ – 96-¾’’;
  3. Mud flap dimensions: 24’’ x 24’’;
  4. Mud flap rubber thickness: ⅜’’
  5. Trim plate material: polished stainless steel;
  6. Arms and hub material: forged heat-treated aluminum;
  7. Arms and hub finish: UV- and corrosion-resistant matte black powder coating;
  8. Hardware: stainless steel with zinc-nickel plating;
  9. Mudflap height: adjustable;
  10. Limited 1-year warranty.